Profiling and automated decisionmaking

PHG Foundation consider it possible in the next few years that healthcare and public health programmes could utilise profiling and automated decision-making for various applications, particuarly in the context of personalised prevention.

In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force on 25 May 2018 the ICO is assessing the GDPR’s key themes to help organisations understand the new legal framework. Profiling is one area in the GDPR the ICO has prioritised for guidance.

PGH Foundation coniders  two scenarios in which automated processing could have important health applications: in risk-stratification for screening for diseaseor infectious disease surveillance

and the use of patient/citizen held devices which are used to monitor or improve the health of an individual.

Although  a requirement for individual consent is appropriate in many situations to safeguard individual rights, this requirement could result in some groups being systematically excluded from screening and lead to inequitable access to the health benefits that risk-stratification offers, especially in some public health applications, such as tackling infectious diseases.

PGH Foundation automated decision-making  response



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